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20 Strom is an IOA representative and Camile Wray's supervisor, Carl Strom believes that the IOA should have full control of the Destiny.
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Caine was on the first away team led by a civilian, chosen by Camile Wray who had taken command of the Destiny during Young's "trial" for the murder of Sgt.Landnutzung Biologische Sicherheit 43 (1) Heller Christian, DI.Planung Finanzen - Unternehmenscontrolling 43 (1) Berthold Andreas, Mag.Umweltanalytik 43 (1) Messner Alexandra Umweltanalytik 43 (1) Miklau Marianne, Mag.Eventually it got so bad como canjear tarjetas de regalo amazon the crew was planning to put her off amazon es canjear cheque regalo the ship at the next possible opportunity after Chloe summoned the aliens, although she claimed to be in control of herself and had a good reason for.Landnutzung Biologische Sicherheit 43 (1) Bartkowiak Teresa, Mag.As Commander Kiva's chief lieutenant in the Lucian Alliance, Varro was David Telford's primary contact on Earth when Telford was working as a sleeper agent.